The State Fair!

We made our annual trip to the State Fair this last week. We started going a few years back and it has kind of become a little tradition for our family. I know it is a little bit white trash, but we really enjoy it and plus we used half a bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes. Wyatt has done so well in school that we pulled him out for a day and off we went. We always choose wristband day to go so that we can ride until the kid’s give-up. We arrived just after 12:00 and went right to Uncle Keith and Aunt Jackie’s Indian Fry Bread stand. They are located on the south end of the fair, it is the best. After lunch off we went. The kids loved it, from the tea cups, slides, bumper cars, roller coasters, fairs wheels, to the mild fun houses, they never stopped. It was the least crowded that I have ever seen the fair. We never had to wait in any lines and the food and displays were so great and fun as usual. The kids loved the petting zoo and game system displays. I loved just walking through the displays and seeing all the fun gadgets and toys. I even found the perfect porch swing for the back yard; I am crossing my fingers that Santa Clause brings it to me. True to form Dane loved the demonstrations, he is an infomercial nut. He was ready to buy waterless cook wear for $1600.00 by the time we left the displays? It was so much fun. We thought that we would be home for dinner, but we were having so much fun we settled on corn dogs, turkey legs, and a funnel cake for dinner before finally calling it a night around 8:30. What a great day!

On the Giant Slide

On the Dragons

The "boys" on the Hydro Slide

Up and Over the Fair

Gracie loved her Ice Cream!

Wyatt milking the cow

Jesse on the bumper


Happy Halloween

Halloween has come and gone. Our ward decided against a Trunk or Treat so we were left fending for ourselves this time. Grammy insisted we all come by for dinner and door knocking in their neighborhood. We got all our costumes together, Wyatt was Spider man, Jesse was Buzz Light-year, Gracie was a princess, Dane was cloudy with a chance of rain, and I was just a mom. The evening was really very fun except we decided we really love the Trunk or Treat format. By the end of the night Gracie had turned from the adorable princes to the White Witch from Narnia. In the end candy filled the buckets and memories once again made.

Dane was "partly cloudy"

The Princess

The Kids