Happy Mothers Day

On Friday afternoon this flower box arrived from Honolulu Hawaii, I was so upset. When we first got married I informed Dane that while I love flowers and how absolutely beautiful they are, I prefer to have the money to go shop and spend on my family. After all the flowers last only a few days before they wilt and die and shopping for your kids and hubby is just what I love! With that bit of background maybe now you can understand my frustration to see a giant flower box arriving from the flower capital of the world. Two years ago Dane got creative and gave me a flower bouquet made out of money. Last year he wrapped a piece of cardboard like a present and attached it to the ceiling with a string. Behind the cardboard was the money so when I pulled the string I was showered with bills. I figured he had just finally got lazy and gave in to the easy way out. When Dane got home he asked if a package had showed up and I think he could sense that I was a tad bit miffed. He took the boys in the back room for about ten minuets and emerged with the box. He got all the kids together and they sang me “Mother I Love You” and then explained that “Mothers Day” was being changed to “Mothers Weekend”. The kids then opened up the box. Much to my surprise I found a Hawaiian Lei made out of money. It was absolutely perfect except for the fact that Dane loved to tell people his wife got Leid for mothers day? We then went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. On Saturday I got a pedicure and on Sunday Dane talked in church and paid me the sweetest tribute I could ever ask for. I may be bias but it was an incredible talk, I got compliments for him all day. I can’t believe I thought for one minute that Dane would have taken the easy way out; I have the best husband ever! Hope every one had a great and happy Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day to All!


The Sleeper

Gracie has so much energy. If there is an activity going on she has to be in the smack dab middle of everything. It is so extreme that she is starting to annoy her brothers at times. She is so afraid that she is going to miss something that she has decided that she no linger needs a nap. This makes for a very cranky little lady come afternoon and evening. But lately we have started to find Gracie konked out in the strangest places. She just goes 100 miles per hour until she just konks out. It is the funniest thing; we will find her just sleeping in strangest places and positions?

Here she is watching her brothers play the computer

Out she goes.

She wanted to read books

Out she goes.

One minute she is this

In the next breath she is sleeping on Papa?
She strikes again