This is not Mickey

We live in a small community with horse privileges. That means lots of hay barns and tack rooms. The mice love it. Every summer when the neighborhood starts irrigating, the mice start running for cover. We have seen them in the garage occasionally but luckily for us we have never had them in the house, until now. We came home on Sunday to find one little field mouse scurrying across the floor. Dane tried very hard to catch the little guy but was unable to out wit the mouse. Frustrated, he headed right to the store to pick up some mouse traps. He returned home with enough traps you would have thought we had a heard of mice or something. He carefully set each trap and strategically placed them around the house. Our house was literally booby trapped with mouse traps. We had put the kids to bed and settled down for a movie when we heard a snap from the back bedroom. Sure enough the traps worked and dad got his mouse. I have not seen Dane so excited in a long time, he had to go wake up the boys to show off his catch. After the disposal I made him take all the traps down and luckily we have not seen any more mice in our sanctuary.


Schools Out

We are still a little behind in our postings as things continue to get crazier and crazier. I keep telling myself that I will do better and catch up as soon as things calm down. Well I have finally resided to the fact that it will be a long time before life slows down. School is out, and the summer has officially started and slow does not describe our life at all. Between swimming lessons, summer movies, playing with friends, trips to the cabin, reunions, chores, hopefully some time for a family vacation, and last but not least a new baby in August, life is crazy. With that being said we would not have it any other way. Wyatt ended his first year of school as the student of the month. Dad already has the sticker on his truck. Funny how kids change you, while we were dating Dane constantly made fun of those with bumper stickers, but as soon as he saw this it was on his truck like a badge of honor. He had the best teacher in the world, Miss. Groves was wonderful. We are so proud of Wyatt and still can’t believe he is starting the first grade in less than 8 weeks.