Where did the summer go?

On Monday our summer officially came to an end. In QC we have the modified year round schedule which means we get more days off throughout the year but also a much shorter summer. Wyatt started 1st grade on Monday and Jesse’s preschool is not far behind. I can’t believe I am going to have 2 kids in school! Wyatt loves his class and was very excited to find that many of his friends from last year are in his class again. He also starts his third year of “Lets Play Music” (Highly Recommended) in a few weeks. It is sad to put our summer in the rear view mirror, but it is also very excited to get back into a normal routine of bedtime, morning scripture study and a little slower pace for the time being. We are expecting Bryan to arrive within the next month so that slow pace will be shot lived. Anyway so much for the summer and hello school year!


While the boys are away

The boys went up north with Grammy & Papa Chaffee to a family reunion. Dane had to work and that left me & Gracie home to rule the roost. We have had so much fun, we have been shopping two days in a row and Gracie loves all the attention. She has really milked the entire experience. We have done her hair special everyday, she loves doing girl things. She has taken over the couch and replaced the cushions with a blanket and all her dolls. She is such a sweet girl when she wants to be, tonight we are taking Dane and all three getting pedicures.

Here she is with all her dolls


Almost Over?

It is officially summer, and the kids think it is a holiday. They think we have to have an activity everyday of I start to hear, “I’m board, there’s nothing to do.” Here are a few of our happenings so far this summer. In-between the swimming lessons which have really started to pay off, the kids have become increasingly better swimmers, we have stayed busy. Irrigation continues to be one of the kid’s favorite bi-weekly events. They feel very cheated if irrigation gets scheduled in the middle of the night. We are half way through summer movies, which have brought many smiles and provided the kids with many new quotable lines to rehearse with mom and dad. A few visits to the zoo proved fun until our every comfortable weather officially melted all of us sending everyone back to the pool. We have been to the cabin twice and have a few more visits scheduled before all is said and done. The monsoons have provided manageable weather and allowed us to teach the kids the game of hopscotch; this has become an afternoon favorite as the monsoons continue. Overall it has been a wonderful summer and we have much more to fit in before the bell rings us back to school in only 28 days!

Irrigation is one of the kids favorites!

The kids love the Zoo.

Hopscotch has become an afternoon monsoon tradition, Dane thinks they just like drawing on the sidewalk

We found a little snake, Dane would not touch it, he had a neighbor boy come over to kill it.