"The Chaffee Curse"

Growing up my father constantly reminded us boys of the "Chaffee Curse" The "curse" was why females found the Chaffee boys so very irresistible, and of course the only logical reason anyone can come up with as to why Alysen decided to mary me. Anyway, the "curse" has struck again. Alysen and I have become very aware of Wyatts interest in girls and the interest that they reciprocate to him. I do not remember realizing that girls exists until late in my elementary education, however Wyatt has taken notice in a very big way. We have had to have talks with him on a few occasions now about kissing. This was supposed to be years down the road for me, and the only explanation is the "Chaffee Curse"

Moving South

After years of criticising everyone for moving south to Queen Creek, we finally gave in and made the trip south at the beginning of the year. We moved in on January 1st and i think i speak for everyone when i say life has never been so good. Alysen loves her kitchen with double ovens, and I cant spend enough time in my back yard. The horror stories that we heard about the traffic have been nothing but stories to this point. The worst and slowest part of my drive everyday is from my office to the 60, go figure. One of our favorite activities is to lay on the trampoline at night and look at the stars. To say the least we are really enjoying Queen Creek and invite all to come and visit.