The Sleeper

Gracie has so much energy. If there is an activity going on she has to be in the smack dab middle of everything. It is so extreme that she is starting to annoy her brothers at times. She is so afraid that she is going to miss something that she has decided that she no linger needs a nap. This makes for a very cranky little lady come afternoon and evening. But lately we have started to find Gracie konked out in the strangest places. She just goes 100 miles per hour until she just konks out. It is the funniest thing; we will find her just sleeping in strangest places and positions?

Here she is watching her brothers play the computer

Out she goes.

She wanted to read books

Out she goes.

One minute she is this

In the next breath she is sleeping on Papa?
She strikes again


Amy A. said...

That is soo cute!! She really really reminds me of Paige. It is so funny!

Ashley said...

don't you love this age...so much energy, why can't they pass it on to us? I love the pictures of her crashing anywhere :)

Jenny Dahl said...

Wish I could do that too or borrow some of her energy! At this point I'd take either one. She is darling!

lindsey said...

wow! the places she falls asleep are hilarous!

ZB said...

That is hilarious. And I love that you've caught it everywhere.

Webb Family said...

Those pictures are so funny! She totally reminds me of my little one. Kennedi is the party girl too, never wants to miss anything. She looks so much like you Alysen!