The best Pets in the World!

I must say that we have the absolute best pets in the world. Let me explain. We moved in to our place at the beginning of the year, and almost immediately the boys started asking for pets. Alysen and I would counter with the same excuse we used to get as kids, “pets are a lot of work and you have to pick up their poop all the time.” We found a frog, they named him Toad and put him in the sprinkler box where he lived for a couple of months until their cousins came over and killed him. We would find a new frog to replace it but frogs just aren’t very fun to play with? This satisfied for a while, but very soon not a week went by that we didn’t hear, “dad I would take care of a pet and pick up its poop.” Sure they say that now, but when it really gets down to it mom or dad are out there taking care of and picking up after a pet we didn’t even want in the first place. Well Alysen and I started to give in and began talking about pet possibilities. This was strictly because we are suckers when it comes to our kids and have had a hard time learning to tell them no. That’s right we will not be earning parent of the year status any time soon. I started to pray that the boys would forget about the pet thing and that’s when our fortunes started to change. Our great neighbors have a very friendly dog named Cooter. There is a hole in the fence that allows Cooter to come into our yard whenever he wants. Cooter is able to come over and play fetch with the kids while his owners are away at work. This is great a dog that is friendly and patient with the kids yet goes home to sleep, home to eat, and home to poop! Are you kidding me can life get any better? The answer is yes! A few days latter a cat starts to show up at our house every day. It is very obvious that this is someone else’s pet, I think the owner puts the cat out in the morning while they go to work and brings it in at night when they get home. This is the nicest cat I have ever seen. It plays with the kids, snuggles with the kids and yet at night goes home to sleep, home to eat, and home to poop! The kids named the cat TigerByger. Our pet prayers have been answered and yes we do have the best pets in the world!

Thats our TigerByger


The Seeley Family said...

We told our kids that we don't need pets since we have them. That didn't suffice, so we told them they could get their own pets when they move out. All Drew talks about now is how he is getting a dog when he gets home off his mission when he is 21. Just a few more years to see if that actually happens.

Brooke said...

now that is my kind of pets 'loner' pets! it's almost like being grandparents you can play with them and then send them home.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i told my son when he kept asking for a snake he'd have to ask his wife! He could have a snake when his wife says it's ok, meaning when you are older and gone, feel free to have any pet you want. but then we found a snake so we took IT home and fed it live fish, and kept it until it had babies in our house, then we set her free!