Memorial Day Fun!

We woke up Monday morning, and since Gracie does not have much of an opinion yet, we decided to let the boys decide what we would do since dad did not have to go in to work. We gave them a few options, but the boys decided they wanted to go slip n sliding. So we spent the entire day sitting around the backyard soaking up the sun just hanging out. Most of us were acclimated to the sun and absorbed the rays pretty well, but to put it simply, Dane just burned! I guess sitting behind a desk really makes your skin sensitive. After nearly 5 hours of playing in the sun, we had the Essley families over for a hamburger cookout and movie. Dane borrowed his dad’s projector and we watched “A Night at the Museum” projected on to the wall of the house. It was better than a drive in and so much fun. If anyone’s interested we should all get together some time and have a movie night. The day was just perfect, nothing better than getting to spend quality time as a family and just make memories. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

The Boys
Gracie, Wyatt, Mom, & Jesse

Coming Down

My Boys - After going down the slide they would jump in the waiting pool to get worm

The kids drove "Girl" (thats what they call thier car) all over the back yard to dry off and get worm


ZB said...

What fun. You guys look like you were freezing...that's a bit unusual for AZ! Happy Memorial Day. Wish everyday could be like that.

Brooke said...

it looks like you had a fun day! it's always so fun when dad gets to join in on all the fun!

Lindsey said...

What a good idea. The movie thing sounds like so much fun!!

onehm said...

Now this looks like fun! I wish our slip and slide could support an adult's weight...looks like we need one like this!

Jen said...

Great pics! Looks like you guys had a blast. How great to have a nice big backyard to do that in, I am jealous!


How fun! I know I shouldn't, but I so envy your backyard!! :)