Music Fireside

When I was 12 or 14 I had a young men’s leader who gave a fireside on music. It was one of the only firesides I really ever remember having much of an impact on me. Well a few years ago I called and asked if he would come and give that same fireside to our youth. He politely turned me down and insisted that it was time I started giving that fireside. Well I have now done this fireside three different times for three different wards and am working on my fourth ward in a few weeks. Each time I do this the songs and content gets a little worse. It is unbelievable what is on the radio, and even more unbelievable that we don’t process what we are listening to. The fireside consists of a survey given to the wards youth and youth leaders in advance and then we talk about their musical content without singling out bands or songs. The most interesting part of this is that in every ward I have done this for so far, the difference between the most popular music the youth listen to and the most popular music the adults listen to is almost identical. As I went through this wards content I found a very popular song that in fact I have on my play list at work. I was totally shocked when I looked up the lyrics of that song, needless to say that song is no longer part of the play list. I guess the moral of the story is we must be aware of the world around us. Here are some of the findings for this upcoming fireside. These are the slides I will use, sorry if it is hard to understand. This is what our youth and youth leaders are listening to and probably most of us, WOW!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

it is amazing that once you know what sex is ,how these great songs everyone listens too and enjoys are about sex, the innuendos, and the sexual references i never caught onto as a teenager are so obvious to me as an adult!

good luck with your fireside.

and i still enjoy a certain song by the bloodhound gang that is blatantly about sex (discovery channel), it is so funny to me. but i don't let my kids hear it.
very interesting and yet disturbing songs on that list, and i don't recognize any of them.

mommyx5 said...

I remember a fireside on music too. I have been more aware since then . That is so awsome that you do this. I may beg you to come talk to our youth some time.

ZB said...

Well, I don't know if I'm just really un-cool or if I don't know the names to bands..but I don't recognize ANY of those bands. I'd have to agree with crazymamaof6, once you become an adult, you are very aware of all the things in movies, songs, tv shows that you just never understood as a child. I wish that I could hear your fireside. I bet it's very good.

Lindsey said...

crazymama brought up a good point. i had no clue what i was listening to until i got older.

your thoughts definitely got me thinking about what i listen to.


OK, I was getting a little worried about you Dane after the High School Musical post, but now I can see that you are still the spiritual giant I remember! Good job!

Julie said...

What happened to this post? I really wanted to see it! Darnit. It is so true though. Even movies you watched as kids are so much worse when you watch it as an adult and actually understand the innuendos and references. Grease, anyone? Yikes!