Digging up those HOLES!

When we decided to move to the QC a major factor was the space and yard for the kids to play. You see we came from a nice little home in Mesa that had well a modest back yard. Here is our fun filled backyard before the move, and yes that is all of it. Our new back yard is 1.4 acres for the kids to run and play and do whatever they want. Here is the problem, they have all this space, but all they want to do is dig holes. Anywhere they can find a spot they are digging holes. In the flower bed, holes, on the irrigation berms, holes, on the side yard, holes, spots where the grass has died and you can see dirt, you guessed it HOLES. Some of the holes are large, but for the most part we just have small little holes all over our yard. We got holes everywhere! To this point they have left the grass alone but everywhere else they got holes. On the side of the house there is a small 20X5 foot section that separates the rock from the grass. Dane just has not gotten around to filling in the rock there. This is their favorite place to dig their holes. The boys have one hole there that they have been working on for some time now. They say they are trying to make it big enough to put Dad in it? I just don’t get it?

This is our first yard, Yes those are houses on both sides

This is our new yard.

This is the hole they want to put Dane in, eventually.

By the back fence.

In the berms.

And last but not least my flower beds!


Webb Family said...

Wow, that was a very small yard! I bet your boys love all that space now to run, play and dig!!!

mommyx5 said...

I just love a big back yard:):) Yours is awesome!!Tooo funny that they like to dig. I get so mad at my big dog for digging. I am glad my kids have not discovered it yet.

Jenny Dahl said...

Who knows, maybe a fun game of some sort to fill them all in after they get tired of digging! Although, it might be some time before that happens. Looks like they still have plenty of digging to do before they can fit Dane in! Now all you need is a dog that they can blame for all the holes that turn up!

Joni said...

Why do we buy any birthday presents?!?

Shannon said...

Looks like fun! Hopefully it will cool off a little and we can all enjoy the outdoors a little more.

ZB said...

Love that big back yard. We'd love to have something that big. I'll have to keep the holes in mind.

truschke said...

What a nice big yard! I remember when I used to like to go outside and dig and get dirty. Seem like centuries ago. What's the water bill like from all the baths your kids must be taking?

Amy Yetter said...

Wow! What a beautiful yard. I love the holes, that is too funny about putting Dane in it.

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