Bridge to Irabithia

We stayed home and avoided all the traffic for the long holiday weekend. Actually we had irrigation and the boys decided that we just could not miss it. Since we moved in 9 months ago, we have only had irrigation during the day once. The kids think it is the best thing in the world to play in the irrigation so when we informed them that it was coming during the day the got so excited. It was indeed a party; I think every toy we own was out in the yard by the time the irrigation was finished. Its amazing how something as simple as a little water can create so much fun. After about an hour, Dane started to call the irrigation Lake Chaffee. Wyatt decided he did not like that name and insisted on coming up with something more creative than what dad had thought up. One of the boy’s favorite movies right now is The Bridge to Terabithia, so Wyatt decided that the irrigation would be called Irabithia. Wyatt’s logic was that when the water ports open it is like opening the bridge to his new kingdom, hence the name Irabithia. It is so amazing how these little minds work and what they comprehend. The new kingdom started a new game for the kids as they ran around with swords fighting off all of their magical make-believe creatures. While we missed out on the cool weather and the calmness of the north country, we definitely made our own memories.

We have 12 citrus trees that we planted when we moved in. The boys have named each and every tree. Here is Jesse with his favorite tree "Skinny" Wyatt could not decide which tree was his favorite, so he picked 2, "Fruity" has more fruit than any other tree, and "Miracle" who Dane ran over with the lawn mowers and it lucky to be living.

The kids playing in Irabithia

Wyatt sneaking up on something?

Jesse showing he is strong enough to fight the monsters.

Gracie with her sword.

Before Irabithia


More Irabithia

More Irabithia


mommyx5 said...

That is amazing!!! SOOOOOOOOO Fun:):) What a cool back yard. All that spac... and Irrgation. Lucky kiddos. I would never get my kids back in the house.

Lafe&Lacy said...

Irabithia looks like a blast!!

Webb Family said...

Looks like you had some fun! Our kiddos love playing in irrigation when we get it too.

amier said...

Cute!!! we have the same John Deere tractor!! I am so glad you told me about this.

Joni said...

Water + Toys = Too much fun! I used to love playing flag football in the irrigation. Looks like so much fun!

Trent and Kami said...

Oh my gosh I haven't seen your cute family in so long!! I'm so happy you found my blog:) How are you guys? What's new? You guys moved to Q-C...where abouts? Looks like your kids are having the time of thier lives in Irabithia...how fun! Say hi to Dane for us!

ZB said...

My husband would have thrown out a line to see if he could catch a fish or two! Amazing that yard.