Shampoo Princess

I got home from girls camp yesterday. It was a lot of fun but I was very glad to be back with my kiddos and husband. While I was talking with Dane, Gracie comes walking into the kitchen with shampoo all over her hands. Apparently daddy has had problems all week with his little princess getting into our shower and playing with the shampoo. As soon as we saw her, daddy was obviously frustrated and a little miffed and she quickly understood she may be in trouble. However I had been gone all week and did not know this was a reoccurring problem and immediately started to laugh. This action quickly informed our little princess that she would not be in trouble and she turned from concerned with daddy to jubilant and happy with mommy.

Gracie while daddy was mad

Realising mommy thinks this is funny
Laughing with mom



Love it! Those faces are priceless!

Webb Family said...

That kind of stuff is always happening at our house, what a cutie!!

ZB said...

I love those pictures. What a rag-a-muffin! So cute.