Zion Ponderosa Vacation

Well we are back, and let me say it is good to be home. Our family spent the last week just outside of Zions National Park in Southern Utah. There was 25 of us (10 adults and 15 children) all in a 5 bedroom 3000 sf cabin. There were a few feuds (Bob & Brett style) but for the most part a great time was had, and definitely memories made. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Inside Zions National Park

The park was absolutely beautiful. Stunning views, lots of wildlife and fun tunnels. There was a shuttle that took us all over the park to the places cars were not allowed.

This was a view of the park from the first lookout

This tunnel was drilled right through the rock and was 1.1 miles long with no lights

The deer in the park would almost walk right up to you, the kids loved this.

This was one of the canyon walls, the boys called it the bridge

This was a view from the bottom of the park coming out

Our last stop in the park, Gracie was sound asleep by this point

The Ranger

The ranger was definitely a hit with the kids and adults, we only had one accident with the quads, Jesse went for a ride with one of his cousins and while they were turning, Jesse hit the gas and shot the quad up onto the road bankment and flipped the quad on top of them. The quad landed on Jesse's head, but luckily he was wearing a helmet and suffered miner damages. I think he might have had a mild concussion, but everyone is OK.

The kids loved going for rides on the ranger

Zip Line & Rock Wall

They had a huge zip line that went from the roof top of one of the barns down about 200 yards. Wyatt loved it and went over and over, Jesse tried, he got out on the ledge three different times but ended up backing off and skipping the fun. Dane's "fear of heights" kept him from trying, but i showed off and represented very well.

Wyatt in his zip line gear

Wyatt getting ready to jump

Away he goes

Showing off

Wyatt climbing the wall

At the top

So much fun!

Where we spent most our time

The pool was very fun and relaxing, the boys loved the pool slides and especially the hot tub. We went to the pool almost every day, and because of daylight savings time it we also went most evenings. Lots of fun.

Wyatt on the rock slide

Dane would toss Wyatt over and over, Wyatt could have done this all day!

Just hanging out



Looks like you guys had a great time! So good to have you back!

ZB said...

How fun. I'm glad you guys made some good memories. A few family disputes is to be expected right? Love all your fun pictures.

Julie said...

Wow! Looks like a fabulous vacation! So fun to check out your blog and see the latest! Great pictures!

onehm said...

Looks like a beautiful trip!

chaffee fam said...

how fun- you'll have to tell us all about the feuds when we get to az... i'm sure they'll make great stories around the fire.

Webb Family said...

wow! what a great vacation, looks like a lot of fun. I loved all your fun pictures.

Lindsey said...

What a fun trip. Love all the pictures.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! super fun looking trip! and great pictures!

Webb Family said...

You need to tell us who's kiddos go with who. It's been so long since I have seen your family.

Kristy said...

Looks great! I would love to get the info on where you stayed. WE are looking for a family reunion spot, and that sounds perfect! (BTW, I am a friend of Ashley N.'s) You can get my e-mail off my blog.