Dog gone-it!

Seven Years nine months and twenty eight days! That’s how long we were able to put off the dog thing. Dane and I always said we would consider a dog when our kids starting asking for one. Wyatt started asking for a dog about six months ago, and we finally gave in over the weekend. Some friends in our ward had a litter of Rottweiler puppies a few months back and we got hooked on little Tank. We picked him up yesterday and the kids are simply in heaven. They played with him all the way up until bed time. As we were finally winding down, Wyatt picked up Tank and sat in his basket we made for a bed. He informed us he was going to put Tank down to bed. Sure enough five minutes later there was Tank fast asleep on Wyatt’s lap. We went in side and had a very peaceful night. When we woke up this morning there was Tank sleeping in his basket. Anyway we are excited to introduce Tank and hope he brings as much joy to our family in the future as he has brought in the last 24 hours. Who am I trying to kid?

Welcoming Tank

Gracie showing her approval

Wyatt putting Tank to bed, & it worked!


The Crockett's said...

Cute puppy! I know our pet-free days are numbered.

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mommyx5 said...

Cute Puppy !!! My brother has a rottie and she is the best most well trained dog. Congrats on the new arrival:):)!

Neil and Tandee said...

Congratulations on the puppy! My in-laws have a rotweiler and it's the sweetest thing. I'm sure you'll love him. Cute name, too!

amier said...

come one...let him in your bed!!!

HE IS SOOO CUTE!! I love it!

Lee said...

What the Hell?!?

Webb Family said...

How cute! Keep us posted if that still works. I love his name very cute!!

ZB said...

Tank is darling...and a very appropriate name. My oldest sister has a rotty...she looks more like a bear than a dog. What a fun addition to the family.

Heather said...

Congrats on the newest addition to the Chaffee family. I think you are brave! Good thing you have lots of room because that dog will be huge! I hope my kids never ask...

glo said...

wail i was in suriname my neighbors had just gotten a rottie puppy, he was so cute and fun to play with.

Joni said...

Such fun parents! I am counting the days when they all gang up on Andy and I for a dog! your kids look so cute with their new dog!

Your trip looked like fun! I'm dying to go away somewhere with Andy!

Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

Welcome to the "dog club". I know of a good boarding place (well worth the $$) if no one will take him the next time you go out of town. He's adorable!

Amy Yetter said...

He is so so cute! Our dog free days are coming to an end too I believe...but I think we're going to try something smaller first... maybe for Christmas.

Lorena said...

Don't get too close, we don't want to catch your doggy-disease!

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