Happy Birthday Wyatt

We celebrated Wyatt’s birthday on Saturday. Wow 6 years, where does all the time go. It seems like just yesterday we were living at Dane’s parents while our house was being finished. I woke up in the morning about 5:30 am and told Dane, “I think this is it.” He jumped out of bed very confused and I calmly went in to the bathroom to showered and do my makeup before we headed off to the hospital. Just a short time later our lives were changed forever. We have shared many firsts with Wyatt since that special day. We are so glad that you are ours and look forward to many more firsts to share together. Just please go easy on us. We had all of the cousins over for slip –n- slide fun along with cake and ice cream. We told Wyatt that he could do whatever he wanted since it was his birthday. Well at 11:48 pm Dane asked Wyatt why we were all still awake. Wyatt just flashed his handsome smile and said, “It’s my birthday, I can do whatever I want.”

Wyatt wanted moms homemade waffles with whip cream powdered sugar and strawberries for breakfast

All the cousins

Happy Birthday Wyatt


mommyx5 said...

That is classic."I can do whatever I want" Kids are nothing if they are not literal. Happy Birthday Wyatt!!!!!!! What a fun party:):)

Lorena said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt! I want some waffles now!