It’s an Office party

Last week The Office season premier aired. We have heard about the Office for a long time but never saw an episode. Finally some friends in our ward talked us into watching it with them. Well we quickly became hooked. So we had a little party last week with some friends from our ward to watch the season premier. It was so much fun; everyone had to dress up as their favorite office character. Dane made a little prize of a framed Schrute Buck and a Stanley Nickel for the best dressed office employee.

Dane(Kevin), Alysen(Angela), Jay(Dwight), Ashley(Pam), Beca(Kelly), Jeff(Jim)

Schrute Buck

Stanley Nickel


mommyx5 said...

How fun!!! What a great idea:):)

Webb Family said...

What a fun night! We love the show too!

Lorena said...

So sad we missed it! Loved the episode, though.