Happy Birthday Daddy (Dane)

On July 14th our daddy turned 31 years old. Can you believe it what an old man? To celebrate we went out to see Oceans 13. We have really become fans of the Oceans movies and really enjoyed this one as well; we would recommend it for a good date night, but not for the kids.

Anyway after the movie we returned to our house for dinner with all the Chaffee’s. This is the last time we would all be together for a while as Lafe, Lacy, and Stetson have already left for Cleveland, and Lee has returned to Philadelphia. Mom took care of dinner, it was fabulous. We had some sort of southern sea food pot. It starts with many ears of corn, small red potatoes, onions, and lots of southern seasoning along with garlic, salt & pepper all boiled in water. Next you add sausage, shrimp, scallops, and crab legs. When it is all done, mom strained off the water and poured the goods right into the middle of the table for eating. Wow so very good (but messy). We had a great evening with all the family and toped it off with home made ice cream and of course a choir of happy birthday for our daddy Dane.

Verry Yummy

You can see by our shirts how messy this was
We love our Daddy


ZB said...

Happy Birthday DAne. Hope it was a fabulous day. Sounds like you guys had a real celebration.

Webb Family said...

Happy Birthday Dane, what a fun dinner!