Move over Stetson, Regan is here!

Stetson is Lafe & Lacy's little boy. Since Lafe is the youngest on the Chaffee side, and Stetson has really been the only baby for a while, he has had a strangle hold on attention. Just look at how cute he is. Yes Stetson has been the most popular individual in the Chaffee family for quite some time now.


With all that being said, Stetsons rain is over. Dane's sister Nicole delivered the newest addition on Sunday evening. Regan Genive Good has officially taken over as the attention grabber in the Chaffee family as only the newborns can. Little Regan (pronounced Ree-gan) is so precious and cute. Her rain will be short lived however as Lee & Ness are expecting a little boy in September and us of course next March!

Regan Genive Good

Me and little Regan

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