Pretend Santa Clause

We had an amazing ward Christmas party this year. Our ward is so blessed with some of the best voices I have ever heard. After much debate our ward decided that after the signing and at the tail end of the party Santa would come for the kids. The person that was supposed to be Santa did not show up so at the last minute Dane got roped into playing Santa Clause. He was not happy about it at all and in fact I thought we were going to get a grumpy Santa for all the kids. He came out and quickly the line formed. For almost 45 minutes there was a steady stream of kids. When it was our kids turn, Jesse quickly told Santa everything that he wanted; Gracie screamed and wanted nothing to do with him and Wyatt asked, “Daddy why are you playing Santa? Dane whispered something in his ear and Wyatt was off. As things were winding down, and the final kid was gone Wyatt and I came back in to see Santa. Wyatt was grinning from ear to ear and so proud of his daddy. He climbed up on Santa’s lap but I could se a puzzled look on Danes face. All of a sudden out of the blue Dane says, Wyatt did you know that Santa is not real. WHAT, did you just tell our 6 year old son that Santa is not real. I was so confused and to be honest mad! He then took the next few minutes and in detail explained why we celebrate Christmas and told Wyatt how much he loved his Savior Jesus Christ. As he talked to Wyatt my anger was quickly replaced by the love our Savior has for each and every one of us. Wyatt hugged Dane and the spirit filled the room It was so neat and very special to all of us their. Wyatt will always remember when his dad, dressed in a Santa costume, taught him about the real meaning of Christmas. He then told Wyatt that this was their secret and not to tell his friends that Santa is just pretend. I was shocked and mad at first, but I could not have dreamed that moment could have or would have gone any better than it did. Latter that evening Dane explaine dto me that when Wyatt was sitting on his lap the first time that the spirit whispered to him to teach his son that Santa was just pretend. Then later when Wyatt came back, again he was prompted to tell Wyatt that Sant was just pretend. He said he tried to fight it but in the end followed the promtings.

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