Back in October we gave in to the kid’s pressure and got a dog. Tank was a small, little, cute, and cuddly little guy. Times they are a changing; Tank is now 6 months old and huge. He chews everything in site; we have gone through 3 hoses in the last 3 weeks. Dane is learning that he must put things away. =) While Dane has talked about getting rid of him and how much he hates him, Tank has brought so much joy to the kid’s life. The kids call him Tanker-banker and he is the best dog and is so patient with them. He lets them do whatever they want to him. The kids pull on his ears wrestle and even try and ride him and all the while he just loves them back. I don’t know what we would do without our big Tank, and to be honest, as much as Dane talks big I think he really loves Tank to. While we were out of town Dane went out and bought him a spike collar. Then the other night he brings home a dog tag with Tanks name and our address and phone number on it. What a softy. The kids have done great taking care of Tank. They feed him and make sure he always has water and they don’t even complain too much about “picking up” after him. Dane calls it poop control. Anyway we truly love our “little” Tank.

Then & Now

Here are the kids doing poop control. They pull the wagon around and fill it up with the droppings.

Finishing poop control, Wyatt uses two cups to scoop it up so his hands stay clean, Jesse just opts for gloves.


Lorena said...

This is one reason why we're NEVER getting a dog...although I am glad you are enjoying him.

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

That is so cute, at least they have fun with it and are actually owning their responsibility.

Shannon said...

Glad you are back to the blogging world. Congrats on baby number 4. You look so cute prego!

Diaper Diva said...

Oh I wish I had that kind of Poop Patrol at my house!

Webb Family said...

I love the picture of them doing poop control! The pet stores have a spray that the puppys can't stand. You could spray it on the hose or whatever else gets left out. Good luck!

Koi said...

Thanks for that post. It just gave me another idea for Oliver's chores. He's got a tractor, wagon, little shovel and bucket. Done deal!

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