December 2007


In late October Dane went to Philadelphia for a business development seminar. Ever since the Landscaping fiasco he has felt that maybe he just needed to focus more on accounting and helping their firm grow. With the info from the seminar Dane came home with lots of ideas and was excited to focus on accounting. Over the next few months and with help from the firm, Dane developed some packages to help small businesses with their accounting needs. It was a little bit of a redirection from what they had done in the past but since December he has found great success in helping small businesses stream ling their accounting services. They are bringing on new clients almost every week, so if you know someone who needs help in that area call! While it took a lot of his spare time that the family so dearly enjoys it has been a huge blessing professionally for our family.


Christmas was equally as fun. We had all the Chaffee family out to our place for the feast. We really are so blessed. Grammies and Papa showed up with so many gifts for all the grandkids we tried to decide why we parents even bother to buy gifts. After dinner we spent the day playing cards and games while the kids played in the backyard with all their new toys. Christmas night we reenacted the nativity and for the first time since I joined the family Papa did not play the part of the donkey. This year the donkey was passed on to Dane. He did such a great job!

News Years eve was rather uneventful. To be honest I don’t think we did anything. We just stayed home and enjoyed the kids all night.

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Amy A. said...

I like the sock on the ear Dane! Really cute!